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Junior Team Chess Challenge 2016

2016-07-04 mon 2024 rcc juniors
2013-01-07 Monday EGM Night 15 Magic Rooks
2016-07-04 mon 2004 Academy Team
2013-01-07 Monday EGM Night 8 Magic Rooks 0.10 205
2016-07-11 mon 1859 oscar fortis 1

2016-07-09 ~ Rushden Junior Chess Challenge Match ~ The Academy takes the Glory .. .
This 'Junior Team Chess Challenge' is the evolution of what began 4 years ago in 2012 as the 'Intergenerational Chess Challenge'
- a series of 4 matches between the 2 RCCs, Rushden Chess Club and Rushden Community College, later to become Rushden Academy. Initially being played at the school over 4 consecutive Tuesdays, with 6 players per team playing with a time control of 30 minutes each, the matches were a huge success with everyone enjoying the fun challenge of the game and the occasion as well as the refreshments of drinks, cakes, biscuits etc. courtesy of organisers Tracey Frohawk (School), Nik Puryer (Club Sec.), and Derrick Sims (Club & School). Tracey also organised medal/trophy trinkets and certificates for all competitors. With not so many juniors at the Chess Club at the time it was no surprise that their more senior and regular players won the first 2 IGMs, but as newer, younger players arrived at the club the School/Academy were able to turn things around and claim victory in IGM3.
Tracey then left for greener grass to graze, but with the Chess Club acquiring more junior players the new organisation team of Nicola Raven (Academy), Derrick Sims (Club Sec.), & Phil Campbell (Club) transformed the IGM challenge into a Junior only event, modified the format, brought the match into the Chess Club on a Monday evening and hey presto - the JTCC was born
with the Club & School having come full circle and the School's players being more senior than the Chess Club's juniors!

The 2016 Junior Team Chess Challenge between the younger chess players of Rushden Chess Club and Rushden Academy
was won on Monday, July 4th 2016, by the school students with a late surge after the club's whipper-snappers had fought hard to
get themselves back into contention. With jugs of chess-juice and a supply of snackies at the ready the Academy visited the
Chess Club over 4 consecutive Monday evenings to do battle in the comfy and leafy (outside ... ) environs of Rushden CC's
host venue Rushden Town Bowling Club. The odds were in the School's favour from the start with an older selection of
players and the Club giving everyone a game and fielding all of it's chess-pups at some point, including 3 aged 6-7 yrs old.
But boy did they play well!! And the girls too - with special mentions for the Club's Shabnavee Jeffrey, Oscar Childs,
& Fortis Diksas; the following details/results are courtesy of Secretary Derrick Sims & Tournament Manager Phil Campbell,
with a large THANK YOU to the School's Nicola Raven for helping to arrange the new Junior Team Chess Challenge Match
and keep alive this annual contest which began a few years ago now as the 'Intergenerational Match:

"There was initial surprise from the Rushden Academy at how young the chess club players were,
although over the ensuing weeks they were to find out they were no pushovers!" (D.Sims)

Week 1 – Things started off nervously for the chess club's pups when they lost 6 of the 8 games played. Rushden Academy benefited from the efforts of Owen Turner and Hayden Langwith who won two games each to give the Academy the lead.

Week 2 – The chess club was grateful for a sterling performance from Oscar Childs who won all three of his games.
The final result was 4½ - 3½ in RCC’s favour. This reduced Rushden Academy’s lead to 9½ - 5½ with two weeks left to play.
The club was in high spirits with one player seen doing a celebratory football style dance ~ although not in keeping
with normal chess etiquette a blind eye was turned on this occasion.

Week 3 – Once again the chess club continued their run of form with Fortis Diksas following the example of Oscar
the previous week in winning all 3 of his games. Who knows what the result would have been if Oscar had been
available as well. In the end RCC defeated the Academy by 6½ - 4½ further reducing their overall lead to 14 – 13
thus giving the chess club a chance in the final week’s play.

Week 4 – The close result seems to have spurred the Academy into a final push to win the series and take the honours
for the school. In what was a disastrous result for the home team the Academy won 12 – 4 to give a final result
in their favour of 26 – 17. Hayden Langwith was the star player for the Academy with 4 wins under his belt
closely followed by Jack Fulton with 3 victories.

Rushden Academy’s players were a credit to their school and gained a healthy respect for the chess club youngsters.
In terms of overall performance two players were undefeated in the series; Owen Turner for the Academy and Fortis Diksas for the chess club. Special mention must go to Hayden Langwith for the most wins with 8 victories in 9 games. The leading female was the chess club’s Shabnavee Jeffrey with 4 wins and 2 draws from 8 games. (D.Sims)

2016-07-04 mon 2015 kavish 2
2016-07-04 mon 2016 shabnavee 2
2013-01-07 Monday EGM Night 5 Magic Rooks
2016-07-04 mon 2015 mathuvan 2
2016-07-11 mon 1825 gershon ds
2016-07-11 mon 1811 julita ds
2016-07-11 mon 1819 witold ds
2013-01-07 Monday EGM Night 2 Magic Rooks
2013-01-07 Monday EGM Night 4 Magic Rooks

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