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Silver King League A ~ Division Champions ---> 1988 - 1990 - 1991 - 1995
Silver King League B ~ Division Champions ---> ... .. to be researched by Muggins, Eee-Aw
John Robinson Knockout Trophy Winners ---> 1979 - 1987 - 1989 - 1990 - 1993
  SKL A-Division & JRKO Double Winners ---> 1990 - ????
NCA Quickplay Winners ---> 2016

A Potted History of the RC Club by Alan 'Doc' - 'Top-Beard' - 'Draw-Meister' Lewis
  Rushden Chess Club was founded in early 1977 by members of the defunct Wellingborough Chess Club which used to meet
in the town's Polish Club. Rushden Sports Centre was our original venue where there were rooms for the adult members and a whole host of junior members. Original members included Jim Nightingale (the club's first Chairman), Ray Stockwell (Board 1), Bob Petit (Secretary) and Jeff Owen (who coached the junior members). The RC Club achieved its first success in 1979 by winning the county knockout trophy against all odds. At this stage the club only entered one team of six players in
county events but in the coming years this increased to three teams in each competition. The club also had a team,
Rushden Rooks, entered in a correspondence chess tournament run by the BCCS.
  It was nearly ten years later when success struck again after moves to Marriots Social Club in Washbrook Road, Rushden,
then the British Legion Club in Higham Ferrers, and finally The Compasses pub in Bedford Road, Rushden. The four years
from 1987 were a golden period in the club's history winning both the knockout trophy and Silver King trophy (county league champions) on several occasions, the achievements being down to our excellent junior component of Simon Dixon,
Mark Hann and Jason Dilley. The success continued as more junior players came of age, including Martin Dilley and
Stephen Cullip, who with an ECF grade of 206 was the highest rated player to represent the club.
  In 1993 Jason Dilley entered a team into the Bedfordshire league where they played for three seasons.
As the junior players left, usually to go to university, they were not replaced and the club was reduced to entering
just one team into county events. During this period the club again moved, first from the Compasses to the Athletic Club in Newton Road, Rushden, for one season, and then on to the Conservative Club, High Street South in Rushden where the club remained for some 15 or so years before again getting the fidgets and moving to the Windmill Club in 2009.
Though we were happy with the Windmill the taxman and the bank were not, and the club's saddening closure in Oct 2011 brought us to our current venue Rushden Town Bowls Club. My, we are a restless bunch.
  Any wealthy, chess-loving philanthropists out there who can donate a building, and several million pounds to cover future running costs, for a dedicated chess site are warmly invited to contact the club. We currently have members ranging from
age 6 to getting-on-a-bit and continue to fight for glory with 3 teams of five boards in the John Robinson Knockout Trophy
and the A & B divisions of the Northamptonshire County Association's Silver King League.

The Current Rushden Chess Club Management Is:
Derrick Sims - Media Reporter / Guardian of the Projector
  Nik Puryer - WebDonkey
Eddie Francolini - Treasurer / WebDonkey Carrot Supplier
  Peter Hann - Honorary President / Treasurer Sig. #2
  Tom Murts - B - Team Captain
Bob Ellam - A - Team Captain / Chairman
Richard Ellis - Tournament Manager
Junior Coaching / Tactics Training & Preparation / Examination for Chess Competency Certificates is done by:
Derrick Sims ~ Sarah Collins ~ Lorraine Childs

Members' Roll of Honour
With many thanks to those who have represented the club in competition or contributed with significant service:
Julita Biernacka ~ Piotr Biernacki ~ Witold Biernacki ~ Frank Billingham ~ Lily Boulton ~ Keith Bristow

David Buchanan ~ Phil Campbell ~ Clarissa Caroe ~ Chris Chambers ~ Oscar Childs ~ Lorraine Childs

Sarah Collins ~ Stephen Cullip ~ Peter Curtis ~ Lawrence Dawkins ~ Jason Dilley ~ Vidmantas Diksas

Fortis Diksas ~ Martin Dilley ~ Simon Dixon ~ Lee Dorrington ~ John Edwards ~ Paul Edwards

Robert Ellam ~ Alec Eszenyi ~ Richard Ellis ~ Eddie Francolini ~ Sajan Ganger ~ Rajan Ganger

James Gardner ~ John Gardner ~ Steve Gibbs ~ Ian Gillman ~ Barbara Gray ~ Lesley Hallifax

Pete Hallifax ~ Mark Hann ~ Peter Hann ~ Martyn Hayes ~ Sarah Hayes ~ Matthew Hobbs

David Hobbs ~ Nigel Holmes ~ Sam Inglis ~ Rufus James ~ Mathuvan Jeffrey ~ Nagenthini Jeffrey

Shabnavee Jeffrey ~ Gershon Lesley ~ Alan Lewis ~ Darren Lewis ~ Mark Lewis ~ Les Mabb

David Maddams ~ Clive Mayberry ~ Barry McDonnell ~ Dave Meadows ~ Hugh Murphy ~ Tom Murts

Jim Nightingale ~ William Norris ~ Rachel O'Neil ~ Silviu Onica ~ Andrew Osborne ~ Rosemary Osborne

Jeff Owen ~ Bob Petit ~ Jason Petit ~ Lisa Petit ~ Sean Petit ~ Nadine Platt ~ Colin Prickett

Nik Puryer ~ Barry Quantrill ~ Kavish Raagavan ~ Sivandiyar Raagavan ~ Dennis Riley ~ Derrick Sims

Chris Smith ~ Mick Spaughton ~ Ray Stockwell ~ David Swailes ~ Pete Thompson ~ Neil Tobin

Dave Tooze ~ Philip Wagstaff ~ James Wicks ~ Johnathan Wiltshire ~ Nigel Wren


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